Angels on Your Shoulder

Fear causes us to say and do things we normally wouldn’t do and often those actions cause us embarrassment and shame. I often remind people it isn’t about being free of fear it is about getting to the point that we are aware there is fear present and making our choices based on love instead. That is where I think angels are most useful, they always see life through the eyes of love and are more than willing to help us see it that way too.

A big fear for many people, including me was the fear of not being liked. I have seen people allow themselves to be treated in shameful ways in an attempt to be liked. On a scale of 1 to 10 where is your being liked meter? If 1 is you don’t care at all and 10 you just HAVE to be liked where would you rate yourself?

Once I became aware of wanting to be liked I saw how it affected so many areas of my life. Three things really helped me a lot. The first was asking the angels for help, in loving myself and letting go of my desire to be liked.

The second was to ask the angels to help me see the world through their eyes. When I would feel the desire to be liked rearing its ugly head I would say a silent prayer, asking the angels to help me see through their eyes. With a little practice and a lot of willingness my life really began to change.

The last thing that helped was to focus my attention on loving myself so much that other people’s opinion just didn’t matter. I had to learn to love myself enough to put myself first. After all the only person in your life is you and the same is true for everyone else. It took me a while to realize that not putting myself first, being selfless was really being VERY selfish in the most negative sense of the word. Taking care of yourself, being selfish is highly under rated.

When we put ourselves first we have an abundance of love to share with others and when we don’t the only thing we have to share is fear and neediness. So put yourself first, let go of your fear and fill your world with love. See how wondeful and magical your life can become.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on
Your Shoulder
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