Angels on Your Shoulder

“Every blade of grass has an Angel bending over it saying,
‘Grow, Grow!”

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for field of wheat.jpgIf angels lovingly help every blade of grass grow imagine what they could do for you? We are always surrounded by angels willing and able to help us but first we have to be willing to accept their help and then magic can occur in our lives.

I am often asked, “How can I feel the presence of my angels or my connection to my spirit? What can I do to actually ‘feel’ their presence?”

The first step in asking for assistance is opening your heart and mind so you can feel the loving presence of your spirit and the angels. The only thing that stops us from feeling their presence is our belief that we can’t. If we keep telling ourselves we can’t feel the angelic realms we won’t be able to.

One of the exercises I do with my students is to have them focus their attention on the space between their hands. I have them hold their hands in front of them about 6 to 8 inches apart and then slowly move them in and out. If you really concentrate on the space between your hands you will begin to feel something. Some people describe it as a gentle pulling, almost like pulling on taffy. You will feel something unless you tell yourself you don’t.

The same is true of angels and feeling connected to your spirit. If you focus your attention on feeling it more often than on not feeling it, the connection will deepen and expand.  As you make friends with your angels it becomes easier to accept their help and follow their guidance so you can create what you want when you want it.

Our minds and old limiting beliefs tend to be fear based. Our angels guidance sounds much more like positive and uplifting affirmations. If you want a job imagine your angels lighting the way and setting the stage for your success, helping you find a job that brings you abundance, satisfaction and joy.

Talk with your angels on a daily basis, ask them for guidance and then listen to their gentle whispers.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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