Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels are certainly the antithesis of fear. The obvious angels to call upon in times of fear are your guardian angels and the ministering angels but here are seven more that will help fill your heart and your mind with love and alleviate your fears.

Excerpts from The Encyclopedia of Angels

  • Muriel

Muriel’s name means “God’s perfume.” Her angelic responsibility includes tending the animals and the plants of earth. She is often depicted with a crown of flowers which she lovingly places in the river of life. When she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favorite flower.

Muriel brings messages of peace and harmony, reminding us that every selfless good deed is rewarded exponentially. Muriel’s huge heart will teach you how to love unconditionally.

As you invite Muriel into your life, you become aware of your intuition. If you suddenly find yourself thinking about helping the homeless, follow through. Muriel teaches us that helping others is the path to true happiness. If you really want your life to change, volunteer at a homeless shelter, pull a few weeds from a local park, hang a birdfeeder or become a dog walker at an animal shelter. Reach out to someone else and see what happens to your life. You might just meet your future love or find the job of your dreams as a result of your willing service. At the same time, Muriel teaches to act with an open heart, without expectation of personal gain. Then and only then will your blessings come back to you multiplied.

  • Barakiel

Barakiel’s name means “God’s blessing.” He is an ancient angel, over 130,000 years old, and is considered to be one of God’s mightiest angels. According to The Almadel of Solomon, a 17th century book purportedly written by King Solomon, Barakiel is in charge of people’s attitudes and protects innocents. Barakiel hunts evil, has dominion over lightning and rules the month of February. He is a ruler of the Seraphim which are divine creatures associated with Cherubim. Cherubim are the winged creatures, or guardian spirits, which protected the Garden of Eden.

Barakiel assists people in having a positive outlook and in experiencing good fortune.. Gamblers who really want to win would do well to ask Barakiel for his assistance.

Barakiel has a great sense of humor and inspires laughter and joy. It is said that as he walks in his favorite place, the prayers of people appear on the trunks of the trees. He always answers prayers offered with an open heart and a willing spirit.

  • Emmanuel

Emmanuel is loosely translated as “God is with us.” He often carries a long sword that opens multidimensional windows through which magic and miracles can travel. He is often mistaken for Metatron, the angel who saved three condemned holy men from a fiery furnace. Emmanuel’s name is also sometimes used to identify otherwise nameless angels.

Emmanuel loves the color orange as well as fresh flowers. Butterflies often appear when you call upon him.  You will feel the gentle stirring of love, hope and joy in your heart immediately. Emmanuel reminds us that God is within everyone and everything and that magic and miracles can become part of everyday life if we are willing to allow them.

Emmanuel will remind you to celebrate every moment and to see the sacred in the mundane. Just as a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly, he will help you  to revamp your life in miraculous ways. When you call upon Emmanuel, expect to be asked to go within and to deepen your self-understanding.

  • Gadiel

Gadiel is called the most holy of angels. His name is said to mean, “God is my wealth.” He is one of several guards for the gate of the south wind. His name has been found inscribed on amulets used to ward off evil. Sorcerers often invoke Gadiel in order to conjure up great power.

When you call upon Gadiel you may see flashes of yellow or green. You may also see your curtains stirring even though the windows are closed. Trust his love to point you towards the truth and the best direction for you to take in your life.

If you are feeling down or victimized by life, Gadiel is the angel to call upon. Before you confront any negative situation, call upon him to protect you. Gadiel will also help you release any negative feelings you have after a disagreement with a friend, an unfavorable assessment from a boss or an argument with a lover.

  • Miniel

Miniel is the angel of love, well-known in magical circles. He can be invoked when you want someone to fall in love with you. Miniel can’t make anyone love you, but he can help you radiate the expansive beauty of your spirit, which is pretty irresistible. He will remind you that love is about freely sharing.. If you try to control or smother another person, he will quickly show you the price of such fear-based behavior. After all, the best way to experience love in your life is to freely share your love with everyone.

Miniel also helps protect wild animals from becoming extinct. When you are walking in a wild preserve or see a disturbing segment on TV about wildlife, call upon Miniel. As more people ask Miniel to protect endangered animals, his blessings will support these animals into flourishing again. So call upon Miniel often, to protect this beautiful planet we call home and to bring more love to our lives

  • Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is an angel of mercy whose name means “righteousness of God.” He is one of the nine rulers of heaven and one of the seven archangels who stand next to God.
He reminds people that God is benevolent, infusing the world with a deep sense of divine perfection.  If you want to drastically change your experience of life, Zadkiel will assist you in becoming aligned with this perfection. He brings comfort, gentleness, freedom and grace into the lives of anyone who asks for his help.

Zadkiel works with cellular memory to deepen your connection with your divine nature. He reminds all mortals of their immortality. Once you remember you are an eternal and infinite being, you can make all of your choices based on love instead of fear.

You can pray to Zadkiel when in need of guidance, comfort or encouragement. He guards the most powerful form of invocation, he protects prayer from misuse. He reminds us that prayer is the most powerful means of opening to our true nature and connecting with the sacred beings we are.

  • Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is also called the “glory of the grace of God.” She is an angel of principalities and in that role she is the caregiver of all nations on earth. She is empowered with a great deal of wisdom and strength and can directly impact human affairs. When called upon, Haniel can change the hearts and minds of world leaders to bring about significant changes for the benefit of humanity. She is able to turn barren ground into fertile and productive land. In an instant, Haniel can change your mood from one of great hopelessness to one of great joy.

Haniel wears an emerald green robe and has large silver-gray wings. She is often seen carrying a luminescent brown lantern. She brings harmony and balance wherever she goes. Her symbol, the rose, represents the beauty of spiritual growth. She will help you embrace your spiritual gifts by drawing upon  the energy of the moon. She will also facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Haniel radiates inner wisdom and strength which she willingly imparts  to anyone who calls upon her.  She also imbue
s people with common sense and is wonderful to invite in times of discord. Haniel reminds you to find fulfillment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself. She reminds humans that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness which comes from within is never lost.

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