Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

A letter from God

posted by Susan Gregg

Merry Christmas!

On this Christmas Day I am forwarding you a letter from God.

To my beloved creations,

You were made in love and are loved no matter what. You are love, you are loved and you are absolutely lovable, now and always. Judgment is one of your creations and not part of how I see you, my children.

Here on this earth plane you have so many opportunities to remember your divine nature. You have all the time you could possible need to remember and reconnect with me, your creator. I will wait and love you and when you allow it, guide your footsteps. The only thing that is real is love, pure unconditional love. Evil as you call it is simply the total absence of love.

My wish for you this holyday season is that you open your hearts to the love that surrounds you. Allow my love to touch each and every cell of your being. Give me your fear, your sadness, your anger, your judgments and your feelings of separation. Allow my love to fill those places you feel so alone and afraid. Allow my love to erase all of your cares and concerns.I am there for you always.

You are my beloved and I am waiting for you just beyond the edge of your consciousness.I speak through many people and in many ways. I care not how you find me. I rejoice whenever one of my creations offers unconditional love to me or another.There are many paths you can travel to find me but they all lead home to me.

Know you always rest in the gentle embrace of my love. There is no where and nothing my love does not enfold. Be still and know the peace of being one with me.

With eternal love,
God/Goddess all there is

  • teri nelson

    thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  • Janet Somers

    After my “letter to God” this morning, I read this, your “letter from God”. Great way to start Christmas day. Love and Merry Christmas to you and Bea.

  • Erica

    This is confirmation of a message I just received this morning as I was gently awakened by the Divine and was led to my notebook and I journaled and the message was all love and encouragement to end my family myth or tradition of believing we are separate. Susan, you continue to touch my life. You’re my angel. Merry Christmas to you. All my love, Erica

  • Susan

    Aloha Erica, Janet and Teri,
    How nice to ‘see’ you all here on Christmas Day. May 2010 be filled with joyous joy, loving love and happy happiness!
    With love and aloha,

  • Your Name

    How was your Christmas? Did you have even a smidgeon of snow? We had a cold night and still cold this morning. We do not need the snow when we have the cold. I hope that you had a wonderful,beautiful and Happy Christmas. I hope that Bill, Brad and his wife were there along with the boy his wife and children also. How is Betty doing? Did she come over and spend some time with you?
    You have a wonderful New Year. Let me know what you do for New Years. Probabley the same as me nothing, just stay in where it is warm.
    This is a lonly time when you are alone without your Husband.
    Love you both

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