Angels on Your Shoulder
October 2009 Archives

Death is such a touchy topic for many people. Life is after all a fatal disease, our spirits are immortal our bodies aren’t. So how do we deal fearlessly with our own mortality?

When I look at the world today what I see is a hunger, a hunger that can only be filled with a deep and profound connection to our spirit. Last night I had an amazing dream in which I was talking to some people about the power of grace.

Here are some fun pictures of Halloween angels and even some more spirit orbs.

Do the current economic conditions worry you? In this post I am going to show you how to change your beliefs and your experience with money, the economy and the source of your income.

Directions for making a simple angel box that can change your life.

Recently I gotten several emails from readers asking me for concrete ways to overcome fear once it has taken hold of their thinking. I find this Cherokee story of the two wolves a wonderful way to deal with fear.

As do most holidays Halloween has its roots in several different traditions. In the Celtic tradition it was called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) and it was the celebration of the harvest and the end of a year.

Ever since I saw my first spirit orb I have been fascinated by them. Since I know the people who took the pictures or took them myself I know they are not a hoax or enhanced in any way.

Since this is breast cancer awareness month I thought I would post about my favorite Saint, St. Agatha. Her story is horrendous and yet she died in peace. Her connection to her divinity was so deep she had only love and compassion for those who sought to do her harm.

Chamuel’s name means “He who seeks God.” He is often described as “pure love in a winged form.”