Angels on Your Shoulder
August 2009 Archives

As I watch the dawn I am once again reminded that each day is a new beginning, a story yet to be written and I can write anything I want on the pages that follow. I say a prayer and ask to be guided so that all my thoughts and actions are loving.

Aloha, I am currently in Latvia teaching classes. This is the first time I have been here and what a magical country. Just thought I’d share some images with you. I am staying in the middle of a pine forest […]

Here are some quotes from A Course in Miracles about fear that I find most helpful. Over and over again the course reminds us that fear is simply the lack of love.

By being surrounded by the presence of angels helps us remember we are never alone.

Here are some incredibly beautiful and peaceful pictures of Lithuania.

When we give without any thought to receiving miracles do occur in our life. That is what angels do all the time.

I am off to Lithuania for the month. I absolutely love going there and have fallen in love with the country and the people.

Today is your chance to be someone’s angel by committing an act of random kindness! August 22 has been the official Be an Angel holiday since 1993.

The third Friday of the month is dedicated to ordinary angels. This month I honor Soldier’s angels, people that save the life of a badly wounded horse and share pictures and angels swimming.

Why are people attracted to angels? Let us count the ways.