Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Abortion, angels, and the economy

Aloha everyone,

Very few issues are as emotionally charged  in our society as abortion. Some people view it as out-and-out murder while other people see it as their right to choose. Which ever side of the issue you are on, an abortion certainly stops a child from being born; it stops that child’s hope and dreams from ever being manifested.

My mom had three miscarriages before I was born. Three children spontaneously aborted before they were born.  My mom grieved the loss of each of those children and was incredibly relieved when I was born with all ten fingers and all ten toes.

When I was meditating the other day, I began to think about dreams, miscarriages, abortions, and the economy. Strange combination you might think, but as I allowed my mind to meander, I had one of those ah ha moments. Let me explain.


I think of children as angels in little bodies, small adults with incredible hopes and dreams about the lives they are about to experience. For children, anything is possible until they are taught by the adults in their lives to believe in limitations.

To quote Pearl S. Buck, “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible–and achieve it, generation after generation.”

It is sad to watch people live lives of quiet desperation when joyous abandon is possible. That was when I thought about abortion. Would you be willing to let go of your fondest dreams, your belief in anything being possible, if you thought of it as aborting your future happiness? I know, when I think of it that way, I am clearly not willing to kill my happiness or abort all of the gifts I was born with or deprive the world of my love.


No one, not one single individual was ever born with the destiny to be a failure or to be miserable.We all have gifts and talents, and when we align ourselves with our spirit, we can use those gifts to give birth to a life filled with freedom, happiness, and joy.

Okay, so how does the economy fit into all this? In one of my previous posts on angels and the economy, I talked about how the economy really only has the ability to affect us if we believe it does. When I graduated from college, there were no jobs.  We were in the midst of a recession, so I began making stained glass window ornaments and selling them at a local farmers market. Eventually that grew into a full-time job, and my stained glass studio supported me and numerous employees for 13 years.


So, if you stop aborting your dreams, allow yourself to connect with the limitlessness of the universe, follow your inner guidance, and trust the process, you would have no fear about the economy and no doubt. Meditate, pray, and connect with the celestial realms. Share your love and your talents, and see what happens.

I get e-mails every day from people who are afraid of losing their homes or their jobs.  I remind them that their abundance doesn’t come from their pay checks; it comes from their connection to their spirit. Listening to that guidance has taken me in some unusual directions and to places I never expected to go, but following it has always led me to happiness, freedom, and joy.

I have a podcast called Food for the Soul. In a few weeks, I will be posting a podcast that is all about connecting with that inner guidance.  I’ll let you know when it is available.

With love and aloha,

  • mag Taylor

    Thank you Susan for your insight. My daughter got pregrant at fifteen. I gave her the right to choose with my support. It has been an amazing ten years now that we wouldn’t have had, had she decided to end her pregnancy. I am filled with joy when I see my grandson and my daughter together, He is an amazing young gentleman. To me abortion is like saying no to the universe. You will never no what gifts come if you had said yes. It is not always easy to say yes. My daughter and I lived through so many years of negative judgement. Especially my daughter. She is a very good mother. She was judged according to the perciever view of the world. I am grateful for a new view emerging in society at this time. If it is only one person at a time. Amen

  • Susan

    Aloha Mag,
    Thanks for sharing that. There is an incredible world that lives beyond the veil of judgment, a world of limitless possibilities, love, peace, laughter and joy. And every time we judge ourselves or another we slam that door shut.
    Many blessings to you and your family,
    With love and aloha,
    Angels are always sending us love, question is are we willing to receive it?

  • lynn

    hi i started bleeding well only when i wiped from sunday last week. i started bleeding heavily thursday and went to er , i was about 5 weeks dr said i was in early stages of miscarriage i miscarried ysterday at 9.45 pm. still bleeding. this happened 8 yrs ago to me accept i had a empty sac and when they gave me a d&c 2 months later i was pregnant with my son now 8 yrs old. im still in the miscarrige stage but everything happens for a reason i believe for a brand new beginning, hope this was helpful. god bless.

  • Susan

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is part of the divine plan and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May the angels comfort you and help you heal.
    With love and aloha,

  • maryann moon

    I Do believe that Souls are immortal and have endless chances to enter the world again.
    By the Grace of God.

  • Tiffany

    When I was fifteen, Igot pregnant. My mom did not give me a choice. I was forced to have an abortion and I was fifteen weeks. Because I was so far along, I had to go into the city on the train one day and they had inserted these things into me that put me in labor over night. ( Which was not very comfortable!) They had me take the train back into the city the next dat while in labor and they put me to sleep. When I woke up, my baby was gone! It has been 13 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him.( By the way I had an ultrasound and it was a boy and we named him Christopher.) I suffered emotionally so bad that for about 2 years after it happened, I was still buying baby clothes and hiding it from everybody. That is just a minor thing I would do. I have never forgave my mother for making me do that. It has ruined our relationship forever. I in turn, have this connection to Christophers father that I can not let go of. We both took the lose very hard and he was there evry step of the way. I know am married with two wonderful boys and my oldest son knows about his older brother that he just thinks diden’t make it to term. I struggle every day with my love for my ex and the lose off my son. I wonder sometimes if I have resentment for my boys because they got the chance to live. I need help letting go of my ex because I still feel very much in love with him even though we will never be together again. I wonder if I feel this way for him because he is the closest connection I have to Christopher. Right know I am currently going to school to become a psychologist/social worker. I want to be a shoulder for girls who have been through similiar situations to lean on. I have had extensive counseling but never a true friend that could relate to me. I would also like to inform all those people that are not pro choice that stand outside clinics and call these woman murderers and tell them they don’t have to do this. These people don’t have any idea what the circumstances are for each woman. Some of these girls are so young that it’s not there choice and they are being forced to do this and they don’t want to. So not only are they going to have to deal with this the rest of there lives, but they will always have those nasty things being yelled at them in the back of there heads as well! If anybody out there relates to what I’m talking about then please contact me. Maybe I could help you while you could help me! Myname is Tiffany

  • Julius

    Great information! There is an incredible world that lives beyond the veil of judgment, love, a world of limitless possibilities, peace, laughter and joy.
    Souls are immortal I Do believe that and have endless chances to enter the world again by the Grace of Allah.

  • Susan

    Tiffany I have found forgiveness of oneself and all those involved in a situation allows us to move on and feel god’s grace. If you ask the angels to help you see the abortion through the eyes of their love you might be surprised what gifts that might bring to you.
    With love and aloha,

  • Aiza2010

    Nowadays, the problem of abortion, and, consequently, the problem of antiabortion become vitally important particularly for well-developed, post-industrial societies.

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