Angels on Your Shoulder

Thumbnail image for IMG_0462.jpgAloha everyone,

The third Friday each month, I will share stories of real-life guardian angels.

One of the most profound questions I ever answered for myself was, “Is this a safe universe or a hostile one?” For many years, I believed it was a hostile universe, but something about that just didn’t sit right. The more I aligned myself with my spirit, the more I realized that not only was the universe a safe place, it was also childproof. There are no sharp edges.


You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your spirit is infinite, eternal, and immortal. You always were and always will be; the essence of who and what you are can’t die. You are one with God, however you define that energy.

Whatever you believe, you experience. So once I decided it was a safe universe I kept running into opportunities to experience the kindness of others.  Here are three wonderful stories that may help you remember that we are always surrounded by angels.

Guardian angel to the rescue
Angel performs CPR
Angels among us

We only have two choices, love or fear. I suggest you choose love more often than fear.

With love and aloha,

And remember you really do have Angels on Your Shoulders!

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