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I am so excited. Belief Net has asked me to move my blog to their site! That will mean lots more posts, at least five a week and hopefully a wonderful community where we can begin to dialog about how to best use these wonderful celestial beings in our lives.

This URL will be redirected so you don’t have to do anything except sit back enjoy all the added bells and whistles. Once they give me the word I will stop posting for a short time while they migrate my blog and get things all set up at the new location. So stay tuned!!

Yesterday I began watching a series on Alzheimer’s on HBO. I am taking care of my dad as he travels that path. This morning we had a talk about what it feels like to forget the details of one’s life. My dad is often sad, confused and afraid. He looked at me with his intense blue eyes and said it doesn’t pay to grow old. He has asked me to help him die more than once.

Recently I read an Abraham-Hicks quote about infusing your life with the law of attraction concepts so when you come back to the earth plane you will remember a lot sooner. I also watched an interview with the Dalai Lama in which he said his spirit would incarnate in a western country rather than Tibet because of his evolution toward freedom and away from oppression.

In the Toltec tradition there is a great deal of emphasis about death being one of the greatest opponents. I like to tell the story of the Cosmic Cappuccino Coffee House. Before we decided to journey to the earth plane we all got together and had a cosmic cappuccino. We talked about what we want to remember and we wrote the script of our life. As spiritual friends we all agreed to play parts in one another’s lives.

The spirits closest to us, the ones that loved us most and really wanted to see us achieve our deepest dreams agreed to take the hard parts. They agreed to play the abusers, the ones that hurt us the most and all the really challenging emotional parts. Our acquaintances agreed to play the hero and the easy roles in our lives. Then we picked out just the right parents and jumped into a fetus, promptly forgetting everything.

But, even though we forgot we all show up in each other lives and play the roles we agreed to so long ago. I think about all the different roles my dad and I have played for one another. At times we were heated enemies and now I am the beloved caretaker and daughter. I often pray that I don’t forget any of the lines I agreed to deliver so his last days on this planet are fruitful and enjoyable.

What kind of agreement do you think you have with those closet to you?

With love and aloha,

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