Angels on Your Shoulder

When I first began working with angels I thought of them as beings of light that were some how more powerful, bigger and smarter than me. I now realize that conceptualization of angles was really just a projection of my fear based filter system. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Shortly after my angel book was released I did a radio interview in which the interviewer asked me to explain angels. My answer was they are co-creators with us, they are more than willing to help us if we ask, but they are certainly no better than we are. The main difference between us and them is they don’t have physical bodies and we do.

It is simply a matter of perspective. Often when we watch our friends make choices we can see the pitfalls and might be able to make suggestions that would save them from their limiting beliefs. Angels just have a limitless, unconditionally loving perspective so connect with them often and watch your life transform.

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With love and aloha,

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