Angels on Your Shoulder
November 2008 Archives

Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of November. I love dedicating a day to gratitude.I just ran across this movie and love this scene even if it was cut from the film!!I hope you not […]

With love and aloha, Susan

Of all the tools I have learned over the years I think gratitude is the most universally useful. When I take the time to be grateful my entire experience changes. Over the years I have learned to be especially grateful […]

When I first began working with angels I thought of them as beings of light that were some how more powerful, bigger and smarter than me. I now realize that conceptualization of angles was really just a projection of my […]

I’m just writing a quick note to let you know I’ve decided ask for some help to publicize my new book, The Encyclopedia of Angels. To help get the word out and I’ve contacted some of my favorite people and […]

I will be getting back to posting three times a week VERY soon. For now here is one of my favorite pictures. With love and aloha,Susan

With love and aloha,Susan photo by Rys Jones