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Here is a video I made about Raphael. I hope you enjoy it! With love and aloha,Susan  

Life is a lot like a cactus, at times it is prickly but it is always magical. With love and aloha,Susan photo by Georgia Raw Elements Photography

I absolutely love my book, The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Enlightened Masters. I think it would make a wonderful holiday gift for all your friends, but of course I am just a little bit prejudice. I am having […]

I am going to be on at 8PM Central time tonight. Feel free to go on line and chat or call in and ask questions at 347-945-7025. I am going to talk about angels, Toltec stuff, life and creating […]

With love and aloha,Susan God in the clouds by Rys Jones

I was interviewed by medium Rose Ann Schwab. What a gracious woman and great interviewer. There is even a short meditation that will help you get in touch with the angelic realms and ask for help. You can listen to […]

With love and aloha,Susan