Angels on Your Shoulder

Great ideas come into the world quietly as doves. Perhaps then, if we listen attentively, we shall hear among the uproar of empires and nations a faint fluttering of wings, the gentle stirrings of life and hope.
Albert Camus
photo Rys Jones copyright 2008
Life is full of endless possibilities. All of our limitations arise from the gray matter right between our ears. As we change our thinking our lives change. Reaching out and connecting with angels and other beings of light certainly makes change so much easier.
There are so many ways to connect with celestial beings. One of the first steps is the simple act of asking for help, then allow for the possibility that help is available and then actually accepting and following the suggestions that will be freely given. The voice of spirit is always quiet, gentle and loving. In the hustle and bustle of life we often fail to hear it.
Take the time each day to get quiet and listen to the gentle stirrings of your spirit. Magic will happen if you do.
With love and aloha,

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