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          THE FINAL INSPECTION by Joshua Helterbran The Soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. Step forward now, Soldier , […]

WE WERE ABOUT THREE HOURS into a long refueling mission, ferrying fighter aircraft across the Atlantic, when one of the fighter pilots maneuvered his plane ahead of our tanker’s nose and executed several rolls. “Bet you can’t do that,” the […]

Military Heroes Women of The North Platte, Nebraska Canteen All too often we overlook the contributions of those who don’t fight wars on foreign soil… those left behind.  North Platte, Nebraska was a long way from Normandy, but the women […]

Military Heroes The U. S. Air Force The beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom came with an aerial campaign like no other in history. This is the story of the United States Air Force effort in the action that liberated an […]

THE HARD-BITTEN COMMANDER of my infantry company in Vietnam was frustrated in his efforts to make a soldier out of one particular PFC. The young man lagged behind on patrols, feigned illness and managed to spend most of his time […]

Today’s feature highlights the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio. The subscriber who submitted this ‘tour’ commented, “Awesome!”  This might be one of the most advanced sights I have ever been in.  If this is a sign of the future, Wow!” […]

[A] Luftwaffe Focke-Wulfe 190 Würger (“Shrike”) fighter aircraft laid unknown and unmolested in a remote forest near Voibakala, Russia for forty-six years after coming down behind Soviet lines in WWII. You’ll find information on the German pilot Feldwebel (Staff Sergeant) […]

WHILE I WAS A DRILL SERGEANT at Fort McClellan, ALA., I served on a panel to select outstanding soldiers from basic training.  When a candidate appeared before the board to answer questions, the company commander would begin, “In about two […]

Heroes – U. S. Army Chaplain Marc Gauthier Army Chaplain (56A) Chaplain Gauthier began his Army Career not as a Chaplain but as a Reserve Officer.

This feature is a submission from a subscriber.  Thanks, Roland! Cpt. Otis If you have either served in the military or have family members who have done so, your proud of your service and the women and men who now […]