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Photo credit: Samaritan’s Purse.

The Red Cross and other traditional disaster relief agencies are now working to support people in the impacted areas of the Japan earthquake. However, some have been asking me about specific Christian organizations they can support that are serving on the ground.

As of now, two great initiatives taking place are from World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse. In fact, Samaritan’s Purse, the agency founded by Franklin Graham, son of the renowned evangelist Billy Graham, provides the following story of their current plans. This is a great way to show our faith to those in need. Please continue to pray and support the Japanese people in these and other ways as you are able. Thanks!

From Samaritan’s Purse:


At the request of Japanese Christians, Samaritan’s Purse has deployed
a team to provide emergency relief aid to people affected by the deadly
earthquake and massive tsunami that hit the northeastern coast of the
country on March 11.

members are on their way to the affected area. We will be working with
local churches to distribute food, water, blankets, hygiene supplies,
and other aid to people who have lost virtually everything.

Ken Isaacs, the Samaritan’s Purse Vice President of Projects, was
interviewed by WBTV in Charlotte before he boarded a plane to Japan.

Our Japanese church partners have secured five trucks and begun
purchasing supplies such as blankets, hygiene supplies, food, water, and
first aid items. Our partners have secured permission for us to enter
the disaster zone. Local believers are being mobilized to volunteer to
help with the response.

Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham has conducted evangelistic
Festivals in the Japanese cities of Osaka and Okinawa, and we have
hundreds of church partners in the country.
Rev. Takada, who was chairman of the Osaka Festival committee, requested our assistance.

“Please come. We need your help,” he said.

The massive tsunami was triggered by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake, one of
the most powerful in recorded history. Giant waves engulfed coastal
towns and swept away houses, cars, boats, and trains.

The quake has been followed by dozens of strong aftershocks. Japan’s
prime minister called the crisis the most severe challenge the nation
has faced since World War II. Officials have declared a state of
emergency for a nation grieving the loss of so many lives while gripped
by fear of more quakes and possible radiation leaks from damaged nuclear
reactors at two power plants.

The twin disasters have devastated hundreds of towns and villages in
northeast Japan. The official death toll reached 1,833 on Monday, but is
expected to soar to more than 10,000. Hundreds of thousands of
survivors have been left without adequate food, water, shelter, or heat
as overnight temperatures dip near freezing.

Please pray for the people affected by this catastrophe, and for God to grant wisdom and direct our steps as we respond.



  • That the Lord would provide peace and comfort to the mourning.
  • For wisdom for our church partners.
  • That God would go before us to open doors and provide resources.
  • For our team’s safety as they travel to the area.
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    Please visit our donation page to help provide the resources to meet the needs in Japan.

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