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logo_opendoors_01_05_11_300.jpgMy friends at Open Doors have just released their 2011 Religious Persecution Report. This is important information, so please read and share with other friends online and offline. An excerpt is below with the link to the longer report. Thanks for helping get out the news!



Islamic Countries
Dominate Open Doors
2011 World Watch List

Iraq Leaps to Eighth Worst

Persecutor of Christians

North Korea No. 1 for Ninth Straight Year

SANTA ANA, Calif.–Despite Communist North Korea topping the annual Open
Doors World Watch List (WWL) for the ninth consecutive year, the most
dangerous countries in which to practice Christianity are overwhelmingly
Islamic ones.

Of the top 10 countries on the 2011 WWL, eight have Islamic majorities.
Persecution has increased in seven of them. They are Iran, which clamps
down on a growing house church movement; Afghanistan, where thousands of
believers cluster deep underground; and Saudi Arabia, which still
refuses to allow any Saudi person to convert to Christianity. Others are
lawless Somalia, ruled by bloodthirsty terrorists threatening to kill
Christian aid workers who feed Somalia’s starving, impoverished people;
tiny Maldives, which mistakenly boasts it is 100 percent Islamic; Yemen
with its determination to expel all Christian workers; and Iraq, which
saw extremists massacre 58 Christians in a Baghdad cathedral on Oct. 31.
Of the top 30 countries, only seven have a source other than Islamic
extremists as the main persecutors of Christians.

The top 10 in order are North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia,
Somalia, Maldives, Yemen, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Laos, which has a
Communist government. Iraq is new to the top 10 list while Mauritania
dropped out, going from No. 8 to No. 13.

Read the rest here.


BURROUGHS is an author, activist, and co-founder of Activist Faith.
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