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My friend Robby’s life is a powerful story. Being raised in a religious home, Robby knew of God but never had a relationship with Him. After graduating from William Carey College, he moved back to New Orleans to start his own business. During this time, he began learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and took a bouncer job at a night club in New Orleans to help pay the bills.

Coming home one night from work, an 18-wheeler rear-ended his car at 65 miles an hour. The doctors sent him home with four medications–Oxycontin, Valium, Soma, and Percocet. Soon, these medications took control of his life. In addition to consuming drugs, he began selling them. Between 1999-2003, eight close friends died in his life and six were arrested. He began to cry out to the Lord for help.

On November 12, 2002, Jesus Christ met him in his room. A twenty-four hour experience would change his life forever. He was called to be not only a disciple of Jesus but also a spokesperson for Him. 

Now, eight years later, Robby is pastor of a growing church in Tennessee and author of a new book called Unashamed. He is an amazing example of a change life changing the lives of many today.

See more at the following video or check out the book here.

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