Seven Ways to Release Anger Out of Your Body

No emotion is negative unless we refuse to feel it.

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4. Give your body tremendous love as part of the healing process without any judgments or resentments at it for limiting you.

5. Give your body basic kinesthetic pleasure as part of loving it. Perhaps a gentle massage, energy healing or a mineral bath.

6. Address your anger. This is probably the most important step in releasing that feeling of powerlessness out of your psyche so that you are able to step into your power. In my work, I carry people through visualization techniques in order to accomplish this.

7. Promise your body that you are going to love it and care for it and you are going to work in partnership with it. This will build trust between you and your body. Then imagine yourself healed in the not too distant future.

If you will take these seven steps, you will release anger out of your body, and you will heal yourself.

Suzanne Hosang lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. Her life was forever changed when she met Lazaris, a non-physical being who reminded her that she is a mapmaker, dreamer and dream-weaver, vision-maker and reality creator. In addition to her healing practice, she has written An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Volume 1. For more information, visit  

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Suzanne Hosang
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