Knowing your reason of existence can make your life more meaningful and fulfilling. read more »
Proven ways to reduce anxiety once it comes - because at some point it will - and to help prevent it from arising full-force all together. read more »
Look younger without going under the knife! read more »
Reminding yourself that things can be worse doesn't always work to keep your mind. Try this and see results! read more »

The Nice Girl TrapThe Nice Girl TrapHave you fallen into the “Nice Girl” trap? Here are tips on how not to be a chronic people pleaser.
Five Ways to Get Unstuck Five Ways to Get Unstuck You have goals. Maybe you even see them, not far off, just waiting to be achieved. But, you’re stuck.

The Compass of NowThe Compass of NowHumans have freedom. We have the freedom to choose our feelings, thoughts, and actions, no matter what we...
Chakras – Your Psychic Energy CentersChakras – Your Psychic Energy CentersImagine the various colored swirling energies inside the corresponding parts of your body, with cone-like...

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