Miracle Meds


Miracle medicines are making it possible for us to live longer and better than ever before. There are pills to lower cholesterol, relieve anxiety and prevent bone density loss. The med list of a female baby boomer is often longer than her to-do list!

How often do you say a prayer of gratitude for the miracle held inside of an amber plastic bottle? The pharmaceuticals we ingest are positively life-giving. Look at some of the most recent average life expectancy figures for women:

Macau – 88 years
Malta – 82 years
UK – 82 years
US – 81 years

Sure, we worry about side-effects of medication, and we gripe about the cost. Yet when the time comes and we're in pain, drugs block it. When serious illness finds us, we fight back.

Let's acknowledge our blessings and the greatness of a Creator who infuses the research scientist with the gift of discovery. Pray for health care professionals, who devote their time talent and resources to delivering new medicines that offer miracles to those in need.

Thanks to You

I give You thanks for carrying me through
the muckiest patches of life.
Emerging with scratches, yes, 
but they pale compared to the 
faith-filled ferocity of my inner power.

I give You thanks for bestowing within me 
the determination to stand tall- not back away
and run from overbearing pain and fear.
I wanted to flee, at first.
I thank You for not letting me.

to grasp what is most important on this realm
and to let flutter away the inconsequential.
I give You thanks for still being here to give You thanks.
I give You thanks for giving me perspective
to grasp what is most important on this realm
and to let flutter away the inconsequential.
I give You thanks for still being here to give You thanks.

-Karen Laven 

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Today's Spiritual Quote
Today's Spiritual Quote
When I was a kid I never went to school--I said I was sick--but I always managed to get better by 3:30--I’d run into the kitchen--“Look, ma-a miracle happened! I’m well! A little angel came and sat on my bed--she touched me with a wand and said, “Go out and play.” end quote
-Bill Cosby,
"Joey Adams’ Encyclopedia of Humor"
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