Religion, in its purest form, is the means through which we reach out to our Higher Power and seek to understand our place in the world. Religion is about honoring our spiritual selves. Religion is about Wholeness.

I don't believe that religion is destroying us. I believe that greed is. Greed and ignorance. And in our broken down-world, filled with well-meaning people living precariously on delicate faith, greed finds an easy hostage in religion. Every destructive crusade is led by a handful of manipulative leaders playing minister to a flock of believers who want so desperately to be good that they don't trust their own hearts.

I recently told an acquaintance that I was Lutheran. She mentioned a couple other Lutherans she knew, including a few references to their ignorance and their lack of spiritual tact. I sighed and told her they did not represent all Lutherans. "Just the loud ones," I said.

And so it seems to be with all religions . . . from Islam to Buddhism. The most toxic practitioners are often the loudest, most visible ones. Their volume and their visibility are what have me debating the virtues of religion with some of my wisest friends.

So today, I salute you, sisters. Here's to the wise and open hearts who have come to Prayables today in search of more fuel for their spiritual practice . . . the women who give religion a good name through lives lived in love. May you find fulfillment in your day, and joy in a religious life.

Your Name

May I honor Your Name always
as a blessing on my lips.

Your Name is not a weapon.
It is neither a catalyst for anger,
nor is it proof of my righteousness.

Your Name is the hand of kindness,
the voice of hope,
the source of all possible joy.

May I only speak it
in reverence and in love.

-Abigail Wurdeman

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