Mike Huckabee: 'The Lord Truly Gave Me Wisdom'

The Republican presidential candidate discusses feeling God's presence during the debates and improving Christianity's image.

Having won the Iowa caucus, Mike Huckabee is now a leading candidate for the Republican nomination. The former governor of Arkansas was interviewed by phone on Tuesday by Steven Waldman, Beliefnet's editor-in-chief, and Dan Gilgoff, Beliefnet's politics editor.

Listen to Mike Huckabee:
A Proverb a DayOn Feeling God's Presence During the DebatesOn Trying to Improve Christianity's ImageIssues Republicans Should AddressOn Amending the Constitution to Meet God's StandardsOn the Lack of Support from the Christian RightThe Role of God and Prayer in Getting Him This Far

What is your daily faith practice now, and how do you maintain that in the midst of the campaign frenzy?

A Proverb a Day
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Interview by Steven Waldman
and Dan Gilgoff
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