The Muslim World's Savior

The best thing I can do for Muslims is vote to re-elect President Bush.

BY: Muhammad Ali Hasan


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And peace is not just being cultivated in Palestine. I spent summer 2003 in Pakistan, where many of my relatives still live. Despite the protests of my family, I insisted on visiting the Old City of Lahore, a walled area where most of Lahore's poverty and illiteracy is closed off from the privileges of the rest of the city.

I wore a red American shirt and light blue jeans upon my brown skin as I walked into the city. I was shocked at what I encountered. Not only was I welcomed as an American, I was celebrated! Little children approached and asked me questions. Some of the folks asked if I could help them get to America, where they wanted to live their dreams. I walked around the old Wazir Khan Mosque, where the imam was excited to hear that I was visiting from America. I could not find a single poster of Osama Bin Laden, nor a single sympathizer.

Despite the poverty and illiteracy that still exist, I can see that the $700 million the Bush Administration is sending there, as well as the lifting of sanctions President Clinton placed upon the country, are clearly helping. Pakistan's economy has never been more lively. As an American, I found that the only hostile environments I encountered were in the homes of rich people, not in the homes of the poor.

To my American audience, I say: fear not our reputation around the world. I have been to one of the Muslim world's poorest parts, and they still believe in America there. To my anti-war audience, I say: the people of the Muslim world are on our side and appreciate our efforts to liberate them. We cannot give up now.

In one four-year term, President Bush has rid Afghanistan of the Taliban, rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, and brought economic liberation to Pakistan. Can I really expect Sen. Kerry to improve upon this job--considering that he wrote parts of the

Patriot Act

, rejected President Bush's aid to the Muslim world, and did not visit any mosques shortly after 9/11? Not likely.

And speaking of the Patriot Act, do I really want to replace President Bush with an author of the Patriot Act? At this moment, the Administration has one American Muslim citizen detained under the Patriot Act. Yes, it is one too many, and we encourage the administration to allow this man a trial as soon as possible. However, considering the times we are living in and the response our country gave to Japanese-Americans after World War II, I'm inclined to say that--for a "right-wing" administration--one detainee is not that bad. John Kerry has said he would keep 95% of the Patriot Act intact and "strengthen" the other five percent. He only supported the

S.A.F.E. Act

after the Supreme Court struck down the parts of the Patriot Act that the S.A.F.E. Act had advocated removing anyway.

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