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Lt. Gen. Boykin's Torture Techniques

Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a top Pentagon intelligence officer, is alreadyunder scrutiny for anti-Islamic remarks he made in a speech last year.On Tuesday a Senate panel was told that

the evangelical Christian general briefed

acivilian military officials last summer on techniques that might be usedto make Iraqi detainees talk.


In October, President Bush publicly criticized Boykin after the general claimed he told a Muslim, "I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol." In

the same speech

, Boykin said terrorists had attacked the United States because it is "a Christian nation." Boykin's remarks spurred a Pentagon review, but he did not lose his post.

Several investigations have been launched into who, if anyone, orderedthe abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, and what the Pentagon knew when. ButMuslim critics immediately pointed to Boykin's alleged involvement asevidence of a disregard for the prisoners' humanity. "It definitelycontributes to a climate in which these young MPs apparently felt it was... OK to abuse Muslim and Arab men like this," Hussein Ibish,communications director for the Arab American Anti-DiscriminationCommittee, told Reuters. The connection to Boykin, critics say, will also fuel Muslim suspicions that the atrocities, and the war, are a Christian campaignagainst Islam.

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