War with Iraq: Faith and Conflict

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Recent Features

  • A "Flash" Tribute to the Troops

  • Memorials for Fallen Soldiers & Iraqi Civilians
    Share your thoughts for GIs and civilians.

  • Why Iraq Beckons
    Christian missionaries plan to flock to the Mideast to save Iraqi bodies--and souls.
    By Deborah Caldwell

  • The Regime's Most Vulnerable Victims
    A child psychologist shares one Iraqi family's story.

  • How Should We Respond to Victory?
    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

  • Why Is Bush Afraid of Franklin Graham?
    By Steven Waldman

  • Franklin Graham's Iraq Mission
    By Deborah Caldwell

  • Saddam's Islam Tricks
    How the Iraqi leader plays the faith card.
    By Laura Sheahen

  • Interactive Map: Sacred Sites of Iraq
    Modern-day Iraq was home to holy men revered by people of many faiths.

  • The B-Log
    Frequently updated news & commentary about the war, from Beliefnet editors and contributors.

  • Diary of a Human Shield
    A continuous, first-person account from Baghdad

  • Does the President Believe He Has a Divine Mandate?
    By Deborah Caldwell

  • POW Ethics
    Why is it wrong to put POWs on TV? And other questions.

  • The Morality of Anti-War Protests
    By Robert Nylen
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