10 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs
Planning the big day can be a lot of work and can cost a pretty penny. Before you break the bank, check out these ten ways to cut wedding costs.

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Weddings with Pop Culture Spirit
Wedding Couple
In traditional weddings, we step into the roles of bride and groom, wearing the clothing that fits our image of what those roles should look like. But is it a true representation of who we are?

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You’re Engaged: What Not to Do Before Your Big Day
Don't let your wedding day be ruined, here are seven what not to dos before you walk down the aisle.

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What Kind of Bride Are You?
As you begin the journey of planning your wedding, it will be so helpful to find out just what kind of bride you are most likely to be.

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Wedding Prayers
The union of two people in marriage is a blessed occasion which can be acknowledged in a number of ways, prayer being one of the most sacred. From scripture verses in the Bible to poetry by a Mystic, here are 9 multifaith prayers celebrating love and marriage.

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Wedding Menu Must Haves
Despite differing clothes and foods, weddings all over the world are remarkably similar extravaganzas of joy. And some menu items show off the delight of the moment much better than others.

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Which Wedding Ceremony is Right For You?
There are so many kinds of nuptial rites to choose from. Do you want traditional? Multi-cultural? Or short and sweet?

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