Married for Real: Building a Loving, Powerful Life Together

They might appear to be living a fairy-tale life—he’s a superstar NFL running back and broadcaster; she sings in a successful pop/R&B group. But success on the outside doesn’t always equate to success on the inside—or happiness under the same roof.

BY: Eddie and Tamara George


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A: The bottom line, we think, is that you should handle your money— it should not handle you. It should not rule you individually or as a couple. It should not divide you. If the basis of your relationship lies in faith, you will have a big head start in putting finances in their proper place. Money doesn't have value on its own— it's only valuable if you can use it to buy things that do have value. So it's actually a symbol of wealth rather than wealth itself. It's a tool, something you use in order to maintain a home in the ways that love doesn't. It's how you build or buy a house, keep the lights and heat on, furnish it, and purchase things like education and recreation. The family runs on love. Money just gives the love a place to happen and things to do.

Q: As people practice these six relationship rules, you hope they will ultimately enjoy and live the “Power of One.”

A: Yes. Every building begins with a vision. So does every successful marriage partnership. And just as a building can’t have two architects working separately, a successful marriage can’t have two dreamers pulling in different directions. We encourage each other to stretch, to reach, to dream. We’ve watched each other scale the heights of our professions since our first days together and we still have as much confidence and belief in each other as we do in ourselves, no matter what we’re undertaking. We also know very well that success for one is success for both. We’re encouraged by each other’s progress and we’re uplifted by each other’s accomplishments.

Married for Real: Building a Loving, Powerful Life Together By Eddie and Tamara George with Rob Simbeck Available February 1, 2012 U.S. $19.95, jacketed hardcover, 144 pages + 8-page photo insert ISBN-13: 978-1-4267-2248-6 BISAC category: Religion/Christian Life/Love & Marriage E-book also available.

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