How to Support Friends After a Breakup

Encourage Productive Emotional Release

Expressing feelings, even those that are unpleasant, can be a healthy way to deflate anger and move past grief to a place of hope.

Help your friend find release by encouraging her to set aside specific time to articulate her feelings about the breakup. For the first day, allot her a one-hour, no-holds barred venting session to rant about the ex. On the second day allow her 45 minutes to share her frustration and sadness.

For the remainder of the week, encourage her to continue talking about her feelings for a predetermined amount of time, reducing the length by 10-15 minutes each day. Actively setting aside time to grieve helps validate the significance of the breakup. At the same time, this also empowers her to move beyond the relationship by gradually reducing the amount of time she devotes to thinking about loss.

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