Parents Apply the Law of Attraction to Raising Teens

By teaching our children to become familiar with their Internal Guidance System (IGS), they will make better life choices.

As parents, it seems natural to feel worried about our children, especially as they enter their teens. We can reduce our stress and anxiety, and at the same time allow our children to make better life choices, by teaching our children to become familiar with their Internal Guidance System (IGS).

How do our children learn to make better decisions and achieve their goals for life?

The first thing is that our teens must know they have an IGS. We need to teach them to focus internally to feel the messages coming through to them rather than relying on external cues and messages.

Once they develop the ability to focus internally and feel messages, then it is time to help them focus on moving towards those things that feel best, and away from things that do not make them feel good. It is that internal feeling of wanting, or not wanting, to do or have something that serves as our guide.

Let’s look at an example to understand this phenomenon better. A teen may choose to skip school because at that specific time there may be other activities that sound like a lot more fun. In that moment, your teen’s choice is to not attend school. Not only does she want to do something else instead, but she feels that she will not learn anything and therefore she will not benefit from going to school. As a parent, you would probably disagree with this choice and believe that she would benefit from school and therefore you want her to attend class.


In terms of the Universal Law of Attraction and the advisability of following one’s IGS, will the teen’s choice serve her best interest, or should you, as a “responsible parent”, insist she attend class?

The answer depends on whether or not she is in alignment. When your child is in alignment and feeling joyful, she is on her highest path towards all of the answers she seeks. In this state she receives guidance and inspiration from the Universe via her Internal Guidance System.

Sometimes, a child finds joy in doing activities that we as parents don’t approve of, or agree with. Although it is difficult, we need to remember that a child who is in alignment is not going down a path of destruction. That would be contrary to the laws of our Universe. Yes, her grades may suffer; she may lose school credits; she might even get suspended when she skips school. These consequences serve as a learning tool, helping her to listen closely to her IGS and make better life choices in the future.

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