A Sun and Moon Guide to Your Mother (and You)

Discover why your mom made you feel safe and cheered on--or not--with this sign-by-sign tour through your mama's stars.

BY: Shelley L. Ackerman

In ancient times, all holiday celebrations were born of natural cycles, a phenomenon that continues to influence celebrations and festivals even today. Mother's Day, for example, is aptly held close to the Pagan Beltane celebration, during the earthy and fertile time of Venus-ruled Taurus, when the lushness and splendor of Mother Earth is in full bloom. Though for an even better alignment, I might encourage congress and greeting card companies to shift Mother’s Day to a Monday (moon-day, named for the feminine moon, which represents the receptive divine feminine principle) or a Friday (named for the Norse goddess of love and beauty Freya).


Understanding the cycles of nature and astrology is also key to understanding and appreciating your mother as well as your own mothering style; contemplate both mom’s and your astrological sun and moon sign. While sun signs are key to comprehending the themes central to you in this lifetime, the placement of the moon describes how you experienced your mother and what you require to feel safe, secure, and grounded in the world.



Many spiritual disciplines (especially Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism) believe that we choose our parents and that our parents choose us prior to our birth. If that's so, perhaps the fifth commandment, "honor thy mother and father," can be interpreted an encouragement to honor and make the most of our pre-natal choices while we're here. Many astrologers (including this one) believe that we choose our charts as well as our parents before we’re born. Knowing the position of your planets is an invaluable tool for deepening your understanding of all of these dynamics. You can get a quick, free chart at KarmicRelief.com to learn the position of the moon (and all of your planets) at your time of birth. You can do the same for your mother's chart for added insight.


Who are the "best" mothers? What kind of mom are you?

Sure, some signs are more maternal than others, but all signs offer their own mothering gifts. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, here’s an astrological primer for you and mom:


Aries Sun:

Strength: Bold, energetic, and empowering

Weakness: Impatient, not always able to appreciate another’s feelings, may feel too responsible for own mother’s happiness

Aries Moon:

To feel safe needs: Aliveness, action, and ongoing activity

Mothering style: Exciting and stimulating


Taurus Sun:

Strength: Steady, warm, dependable, affectionate

Weakness: Stubborn, self-indulgent, and ‘dense’

Taurus Moon:

To feel safe needs: Consistency, Good food, many creature comforts, a substantial, steady income

Mothering style: Grounding, comforting, sensual, soothing, reassuring


Gemini Sun:

Strength: Very bright, playful, funny, and resourceful

Weakness: Crazy-making, immature, distracted, pulled in many directions

Gemini Moon:

To feel safe needs: Mobility (some Gemini moons are more at home in their car than anywhere else), language, words, self-expression

Mothering style: Communicative, educational, loves through literacy


Cancer Sun

Strength: Sensitive, psychic, emotionally present

Weakness: Emotionally demanding, dependent, maudlin, a drama queen, easily feels abandoned

Cancer Moon

To feel safe needs: a safe haven, emotional connection to loved ones

Mothering style: cradling, enveloping, loves to provide the basics—food, shelter, and love


Leo Sun

Strength: Radiant, joyful, proud, and loyal: her children have a strong sense of belonging and of being important

Weakness: May need too much attention, or be too concerned with appearances and what others think, the stage mother who needs to be the star herself

Leo Moon

To feel safe needs: Creative expression and recognition (Barbra Streisand has a Leo moon), expensive, ‘royal’ surroundings, to brag a little, spending money

Mothering style: doting, indulgent, wants the best of everything for her "cubs"


Virgo Sun

Strength: Health comes first, practical, attentive, observant, can see what the doctor missed

Weakness: Critical, intolerant, over-analytical, demands perfection of self and others

Virgo Moon

To feel safe needs: A good work routine, cleanliness, order, time and space to process

Mothering style: Thorough, efficient, caring, reasonable


Libra Sun

Strength: Pleasant, Fair, inviting, social, and welcoming

Weakness: Unstable, demanding (perfection from others), can be emotionally distant and detached

Libra Moon

To feel safe needs: Objectivity, distance, tranquility and beautiful surroundings

Mothering style: delicate, cultured, refined, cool


Scorpio Sun

Strength: Powerful, can handle anything, a healer

Weakness: Overwhelming, possessive, mistrusting, interrogating, controlling, vengeful

Scorpio Moon

To feel safe needs: Alone time, emotional boundaries respected, time to learn to trust you—once they do, you’re theirs for life

Mothering style: Deep psychological-orientation, consuming, intense, can be a very good provider,


Sagittarius Sun

Strength: Upbeat, optimistic, curious

Weakness: Preachy, pedantic, annoyingly cheery, intolerant, judgmental

Sagittarius Moon

To feel safe needs: Room to expand, emotional freedom, frequent travel

Mothering style: Inspiring, encouraging, will do anything for child’s education (Aquarian Oprah has Sagittarius moon)


Capricorn Sun

Strength: Wise, responsible, seasoned, a huge heart that has "been there," emotionally mature

Weakness: Cold, gloomy, depressive, uncommunicative

Capricorn Moon

To feel safe needs: Structure, work, an ongoing sense of accomplishment, many Capricorn moons like working at home and sleep near their desk

Mothering Style: Organized, assigns chores, likes employing kids in the family business


Aquarius Sun

Strength: Encourages kids’ individuality, innovative, tolerant, you can be who you are

Weakness: Cranky, unpredictable, inconsistent, ‘out-there’

Aquarius Moon

To feel safe needs: Freedom, variety, extended families, community

Mothering style: Avant-garde, futuristic, progressive, all encompassing (Cancerian Princess Diana had the moon in Aquarius)


Pisces Sun

Strength: Empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, great coping skills, the consummate multi-tasker

Weakness: All over the place, frantic, over-extended, worried

Pisces Moon

To feel safe needs: Emotional validation, spiritual foundation, a sanctuary

Mothering style: Gentle, aware of other realms, psychic attunement, sweet, lyrical


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