Family Values: How to Teach Responsibility


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How to Raise Responsible Kids

Teaching Responsibility, kids washing the dogs

Responsibility means doing what needs to be done to take care of yourself, your family, your friends, and the greater community. Being responsible means that others can rely on you, that you follow through on your promises.

Kids need to learn that acting responsibly might involve doing something difficult--like studying for a test or giving up social plans in favor of helping the family. Responsibility can also take moral strength--such as saying no to drugs. Here are some ways parents can teach their children to act responsibly and do the right thing.

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Family Values Poll
What does responsibility mean to you?
It means not leaving my work up to someone else.
It means taking care of myself and the people who depend on me.
It means caring not only for my family, but for society in general.
Being responsible is a burden I accept only when I must.
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