Family Values: How to Teach Kids Empathy


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How to Teach Empathy to Kids

Empathy - Mom with Child

Empathy is the quality that underlies love, caring, and compassion. When you empathize with people, you’re able to put yourself in their place and recognize them as human beings with feelings just like you. You notice when they’re sad or hurt, and you might offer your help--or simply say a kind word. Empathy is the foundation of the Golden Rule--“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Although a capacity for empathy is innate, parents can help it flourish.

 Here are some ideas on cultivating empathy in children.

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What does empathy mean to you?
Putting yourself in someone else's place
Showing your concern
Doing something to make a sad person feel better
Being emotionally open to other people
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