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Giving it Away

If you’re a giver, you know the satisfaction of making another person happy. But giving doesn’t only mean giving away money or giving your time. It can also mean giving away old clothes, shoes, or household items. Curious about what happens to your donations? We’re sharing little known secrets of the used clothing industry. Follow your old t-shirt around the globe. Discover who gets your giveaways and how cast-off clothing is changing lives.

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End-of-the-Year Giving Will Help You at Tax Time!

Year-end giving can be a beautiful part of our life rhythm. God enjoys giving us these breaks, celebrations and seasons of gifts. As you approach the year-end holidays, take the time thank God for all He has done to bless you – and how wonderful it is that you have something extra to give to those in need!

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Giving Circles Add Collective Power to the Spirit of Giving

"It's a little scary and a little lonely to raise money by yourself." How Giving Circles are demistifying philanthropy.

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Joel Osteen's 10 Quotes on Giving Back

Enjoy these inspirational quotes on giving back from Joel Osteen and some photos from Lakewood Church’s Generation Hope Project transforming Washington DC through expressing the tangible love of Christ.

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Great Gifts That Embody the Spirit of Giving

These ideas might be low-budget, but there’s nothing cheap about them. What’s particularly great is that they come from the heart, not the pocketbook.

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Ten Ways Giving Back Helps You

There’s a deep wave of grassroots giving back sweeping the country. We want to feel useful. We want to find meaning. We want to know we matter. We want to feel this alive and on fire with possibility. Here are some ways serving others can serve you.

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