Michelle Obama on Mother's Day and Beyond

This Sunday Michelle Obama will spend her first Mother’s Day in the White House. We don't know much about the surprises planned -- other than that they will almost certainly involve her two daughters, her happens-to-be-President of a husband and a dog named Bo. Yes, she already gets a fantastic breakfast every day, superbly prepared by the White House Chef, but she's no doubt looking forward to something more...authentic. You know, the burned waffle, soggy bacon, and over-filled orange juice glass combination that somehow, inexplicably, makes our insides glow. You can just tell that Mrs. Obama, First Lady or not, relishes those prosaic joys. Though she's been busy with a number of issues in her first 100 plus days in office, the one impression that really sticks so far -- she's just crazy about those girls. (O.K. And the clothes.)

How refreshing. Think about it. This is also the first Mother's Day that we've had a new role model in the White House. Our first post-feminist first lady. Mrs.Obama, that hugely accomplished, highly educated lawyer, with a Harvard and Princeton pedigree no less, did not arrive on the East Lawn with any chip on her shoulder. (A boulder of the sort that we later learned had been crushing poor Cherie Blair, for example. Her advice to the incoming first lady -- learn to like the back seat.)


No -- Michelle doesn't seem to have anything to prove -- any angst over the fact that her "career" might be on hold for a while -- any frustration because she might technically be as "smart" as that guy next to her who's running the country.

Mrs. O. represents instead a new wave of women in their 40s who are starting to embrace the fact that their career may come in waves, instead of a straight path to a questionable "top." Women more and more are making seemingly counter-intuitive decisions about work -- rejecting promotions, turning down better paid positions, in order to gain what they really want -- time. Time with kids, time for marathons, time for their lives. They are dialing back careers, working three or four day weeks, whatever the formula -- knowing it's the right decision for right now. True, for many of us it hasn't been easy to reach this modern nirvana. And yes, many of us do worry about the future. But having Michelle Obama out there making the moves all look so strong and sensible sure helps.

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Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
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