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Are Women More Emotionally Stimulated Than Men?

Date: 02/11/2015

When my husband and I watch a movie that has a strong emotional story line, I seem to be more moved by the story. For example, the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan felt traumatizing to me. I kept whispering in my husband's ear, "Make it stop. It's too much." Is this because women are sensitized to emotions more so than men, or is it because of differences in the way men and women proces ...

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Author Joe Battaglia talks about "The Politically Incorrect Jesus"

Date: 02/23/2015

Here’s today’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith, media and culture. Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief. That the subtitle of The Politically Incorrect Jesus (BroadStreet Publishing), the new book from journalist and Renaissance Communications President Joe Battaglia which I recently reviewed and which inspires Christians (and other believers in timeless God-given principles) ...

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