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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Date: 01/18/2016

I have long been fascinated with the concept of reincarnation since reading the book The Search For Bridey Murphy , written by Morey Bernstein. It tells the story of a woman in the 1950’s, who, under hypnosis is regressed back to a lifetime in Ireland in the 1800’s. Whether or not it is true, is immaterial. It drew me to explore further into the possibility that I had lived in other places at ...

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Movies to Celebrate the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

Date: 01/18/2016

As we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, every family should take time to talk about this great American leader and hero of the Civil Rights Movement. There are outstanding films and other resources for all ages. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ank52Zi_S0[/youtube] I highly recommend the magnificent movie Boycott , starring Jeffrey Wright as Dr. King. And every family shou ...

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