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First Look at Emma Stone and Steve Carell in "Battle of the Sexes"

Date: 04/17/2016

In the fall of 1973, there was no biggest story in sports than the challenge from former tennis champ Bobby Riggs to women players. He claimed that at age 55, decades after he retired in 1951, he could still beat the best female players in the world. He had already beat Margaret Court when Billie Jean King accepted his challenge. Their game was watched by 90 million people, and it was known as ...

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the solution to the unschooled scholar problem - the Islamic dojo

Date: 04/17/2016

I'm going to throw out some quick half-formed ideas in response to this article by Sufi Synik (via the indomitable Samar Kaukab ): Half of the Muslims want me to shut up and take every single hadith (without considering its historical context) that they shove down my throat. And if a hadith can’t be found, then they find a quote of one of those ancient scholars. Or a link to a modern scho ...

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