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the magic of seeds...

Date: 05/14/2015

[caption id="attachment_10396" align="alignleft" width="300"] the author's[/caption] Seeds are a GREAT metaphor. Unlike gardens... Well, maybe gardens work for some folks, but they don't work for me when people use them to talk about multiculturalism. Hello, I GARDEN. At a verrry prestigious fellowship I once received, I sat at a table w/ a lot of pretty traditional academics. There were a f ...

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Being A Believing Doctor In The Intensive Care Unit

Date: 05/15/2015

In the Name of God, The Extremely, Eternally, and Everlastingly Loving and Caring This past week, we commemorated "Critical Care Week" at our hospital, which celebrates the women and men who dedicate their lives to taking care of the sickest and most critically ill patients: those admitted to an ICU. They are nurses, physicians, patient care technicians, among many others, and I am blessed and ...

Related Topics: Faith And Prayer, God, Belief, Medicine, Critical Care

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