Most Inspiring Winners of the Past

2001 - The Passengers and Crew of Flight 93

Flight 93

On Sept. 11, 2001, in the face of shock, devastation, and loss, Beliefnet members shared minute-by-minute prayers on the site and poured out expressions of love, unity, and hope that we would not be engulfed by violence and fear. There were many unbelievably heroic acts stemming from 9/11, but our editors and community chose to honor the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93. That flight had been hijacked by terrorists, who murdered the pilots. Their plan was to fly the plane into the White House. Passengers who were on their cell phones learned what had happened to the Twin Towers and took action. In their last 32 minutes of life, they pulled together to overwhelm the hijackers and crash the plane into a field in Pennsylvania. All were killed. As the Beliefnet profile noted, "Terrorism has people willing to die to slaughter others; freedom has people willing to die to save others."

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