Most Inspiring Winners of the Past

2000 - W.C. and Donna Martin

Our very first winners were W.C. and Donna Martin, a couple from the tiny town of Possum Trot in West Texas. W.C. is the pastor of Bennett Chapel Baptist Church there. They motivated their church community to foster or adopt 80 troubled children in great need of loving homes. Twenty-five families answered the call, inspired by the Martins themselves, who adopted four children. Today, they write, “Not one of these beautiful children have had to be returned to the state; they are all in loving and caring homes.”

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The 2009 Finalists

Voting has ended. Meet the three finalists for Most Inspiring Person of 2009.

Captain Sully Captain Sully
Hero of the Hudson

Zach Bonner Zach Bonner
Helps Homeless Kids

Iranian Protesters Iranian Protesters
Standing Up for Freedom