My Run: Terry Hitchcock and the Faith to Endure

Get to know the man who set out on the impossible journey of running 75 marathons in 75 days and the movie about his courageous spirit.

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Terry’s run to Atlanta became the subject of a documentary by director and producer Tim Vandesteeg called My Run. Tim says that putting Terry’s story together was an inspiration for him as well.

“I’ve taken away a clearer vision of who I am, what I am about and what do I want to leave,” he says. For Tim as a filmmaker, the need to produce and direct quality movies with substance is strong and the filmmaking process can take time. He adds, “It takes two, three years for an indie filmmaker to make a film, sometimes more than that. You want to make sure it’s worth the effort. I got the rights to My Run in 2004, and it’s coming out on DVD in 2011 here. Seven years. Was it worth the effort? I’d say absolutely.”

Terry too sees the fruits of his labor. Today, he speaks to audiences everywhere from classrooms to jailhouses. When asked how he knows he’s reached people and been a success, he says, “I count the number of hugs.”

He continues, “It’s a film about the daily marathons that we all run every single day. It’s a story about faith and endurance. Nothing is impossible. Throughout my whole life I have done numerous things and it all started with someone saying, ‘Well, you can’t do that. No one’s been able to do that.’ Before that, my grandfather said to me every single day, ‘Remember, Terry, there will be nothing in life that you can’t accomplish.’ I’ve always had that theme in my life.

“It’s not about this guy who attempted to run these marathons. It’s really an ageless story about somebody who is trying to show other people that they can get through their own daily marathon.”

My RunCheck out the Web site for My Run.

Purchase My Run. A portion of proceeds from DVD sales goes to Live Strong to Fight Cancer.

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