PETA seeks equal time for dogs on cable reality show "All-American Muslim"

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seek free ad time after a Beagle named Wrigley is sent to an animal shelter.

Irritated over an episode of the already controversial TLC cable TV reality program "All-American Muslim," the animal advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is demanding equal time for canines.

At issue is Islamic -- or perhaps Arab -- attitudes about dogs. In a recent episode, newlywed Arab-American Shadia McDermott tells her new husband Jeff, an Irish-American convert to Islam, that she does not want his 16-year-old beagle, Wrigley, to move with them to their new home. She lists off reasons: her father will not pray in the house if a dog is there since the Koran teaches that dog hair is impure; "I wasn't raised with dogs," she tells him. "I'm not used to them." And her asthma is aggravated by the dog's hair.

So, Jeff reluctantly takes the dog that has been his constant companion for 10 years to an animal shelter.

More folks than PETA were upset by the episode.

"Wrigley has been the very best friend and companion," writes Cinty Marabito for American Pit Bull Examiner.


"This heart-wrenching episode ended with Wrigley left at a sanctuary. Wrigley was trying to follow Jeff and his wife as they pulled away. The last shot was the sad face of this little dog left alone and unwanted. Even though the wife didn’t want Wrigley, this poor dog was still trying to follow the car and return to the only home ever known."


And Marabito says Shadia is being less than upfront about why

the dog had to go.

"According to the wife, she had asthma and wanted to install new carpet, so the dog had to go," observes Marabito. "As she was laughingly posting Wrigley’s photos on telephone poles, she admitted she was not an animal person. She seemed quite healthy wandering around outside while posting the fliers, quite obviously unaffected by grasses, molds and other environmental elements which plague most allergy sufferers."

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Rob Kerby
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