When your Celtic Angels appear, it is because you have made it possible. In fact you are the most important factor. If you are busy rushing from here to there, always surrounded by people and with a mind filled with a dozen worries, then this is not conducive to your Celtic Angels. In fact, if they did appear, you might not even notice. At night I often walk my dog past a fairy deli. Some days you can really feel the presence of these beings, and there’s a magic in the atmosphere so that the very air seems to glitter. I love that. Other times, I’m so preoccupied that I’ve walked the dog past the dell twice and not noticed anything.

So you need to begin following a spiritual practice. This does not mean that you have to renounce all your worldly possessions and family and go and live in a cave in the middle of the desert, unless you want to. What it means is accepting that you want to be a more spiritual person: more aware, more compassionate and, most importantly, more conscious of the spiritual energies that are all around you.

To a large extent this book is intended as a guide for you in this acceptance. As you walk with the angels or do an Angel Meditation, then you are becoming more spiritual. And you should find that spiritual practice is very rewarding; the more you do, the more you want to do. You are particularly lucky because the Celtic Angels want you to succeed and so will try to help you every step of the way.

What follows are suggestions on how to make your life more spiritual and so enhance your links with your Celtic Angels. Initially you should follow this list, but listen to your intuition and adapt, change and add exercises to develop your own unique program.

1. Good morning, Angels! Light a candle first thing in the morning and spend a few minutes sitting quietly with it. Think of your angels and lessons they have taught you. You might want to read an Angel Affirmation or draw an Angel Card and contemplate the message your angels have given you for the day. You can make your own sets by choosing uplifting words or phrases and writing them on pieces of paper. If you prefer, nowadays there are several attractive sets you can buy.

2. Wear or carry something to remind you of your angels, and make a point, several times a day, of touching the brooch or lapel pin and reminding yourself of your angels and their love for you. Try to have something at work too. It need not be overtly angelic. One idea is to buy an attractive small flowering plant. Sit it on your altar for a few days while you meditate and then take it into work with you. Then every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the Celtic Angels.

3. Choose one kind of incense and use it all the time on your Angel Altar. After a while you will associate that scent with meditating and communing with your angels. Burn it at other times as well, and this will give you a regular reminder to keep your Celtic Angels foremost in your mind.

4. Find time to meditate every day. Set aside a period to be on your own and do the Celtic Meditation, outlined in Chapter 7. It only takes about half an hour.
But this time must be very precious to you and you need to commit to it. Not only are you doing this for yourself, you are also affirming to the Celtic Angels that they are important to you. 5. Do a good deed every day on behalf of your angels. It could be giving money to charity, helping a friend in need or just paying attention to the plight of others that you read about in the newspapers or hear about in the news. When you do an action in the name of your Celtic Angels, you create a link which they will use to magnify your gift in a thousand precious ways.

There are many other actions you can take. This list hopefully gives you some ideas. You need to look at how you spend your money, what you eat, what you work at and many more issues. But it can sometimes be daunting to see so much in a list. Better to get started and as you begin to change your life and your habits, other issues will naturally arise and you can make further changes as you feel appropriate.

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