All is Well

Here are some reminders of how to be open to hidden blessings and to learn that all is truly well.

All is Well

It may not always seem so but all is well. Everything happens for a reason and exactly how it is supposed to unfold for you and often you ask why, especially in your darkest hours. When you call, your angels are there and enfolding you in angels wings. Holding you in the light of the Creator Love and it is glorious. Just sit and feel it. Be open when you are sad or afraid, know that you have a hand to hold and are honoured, loved and cherish by your guardian angels.

All is truly well and soon you will understand the hidden blessings that have been brought to you, until then take the time to have some fun, laugh, find joy, contentment and gratitude for your life and all that you have and know that the timing of everything is up to those involved and how they view and see their lives, and if they are not ready to step up to the plate, there is another player standing in the wings waiting to help your team. Know that all is truly well and as it should be and release any fears or doubts as they only cloud your outlook.

Live in Truth of Who You Are

Let go of anything inauthentic and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions and desires for yourself. If there is something that is not working in your life at this time, be willing to release it and start again. You have the ability and power to turn all of your desires into reality; it is just that sometimes the lack of confidence in yourself holds you back from making the very changes you seek.

When you release unhealthy situations, you will find that 'the job, relationships, health issue, relationship, or whatever it is that you desire' heals in ways that you could never have imagined. The key is to trust that you are supported, that things are always happening behind the scenes, and release any thoughts of doubt or less than.

Be Joy filled


Hold feelings of joy in your heart. Joy is that magical sense that all things are possible, and they are. Appreciate the gifts within each moment. Expect a miracle when you decide to be true to who you are and live life in the truth of who you are. You are always, always a beautiful child of Creator light and a spark of Creator Love dwells within you. Be Brave, be confident and be yourself.

Blend With Your Spirit Self

Acknowledge who you are, what you desire and what your needs are and then take the steps that are necessary for you to meet them. First and often the hardest part is deciding what these are and then as become aware and start taking the steps to meet them, you next begin to work on understanding patience and divine timing. The key is to keep your thoughts focused and positive and keep hope alive in your heart.

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Sharon Taphorn
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