Do Angels Pray for Us?

Do angels intercede for us? Also, why did God create angels that would remain good instead of ones that rebelled against him?

BY: William D. Webber


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Has there ever been a time when all the angels sang together at the same time? If so, wouldn’t that be deafening?
- Sharon L.

Yes, the Bible reports that there was at least one time when all the angels sang at the same time. Job 38:7 records the Lord saying that at the time of creation, “the morning stars sang together, and all the angels shouted for joy.” In the Bible one of the names for angels is morning stars. This particular verse is Hebrew poetry where the second line restates the first line, clearly making the point that all the angels sang together. I have often wished I could have been there for what was the greatest concert of all ages. However, the sound wouldn’t have been deafening. The sound of music is not like that. Think of the huge Morman Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. Even when they all sing and play together, the music remains beautiful and is not deafening.

I learned that God created angels first. If God is the creator, why would he create angels that may turn against him?
- Ron P.

Think of the alternative. Would you find it satisfying to be surrounded by “yes men” who would always agree with you and only think and do things like you do? God knew it was better for those he created to have free will and make their own choices. This brought meaning and purpose to creation. God did not make angels turn against him; he only allowed them to make choices, including wrong choices. Read more: Do Angels Rebel Against God?

Do angels send numbers as signs? For the past year, I have been seeing the number 11. Is this an angel sign? Are the angels trying to tell me something?
- Stella

No, seeing the number 11 is not a message from an angel to you. In the Bible, every time angels bring a message from God to a person, the message is clear and easy to understand.

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