Are Humans the Children of Angels?

Were we created from from angels? Also, if Satan was the most beautiful angel in Heaven, why is he drawn as an ugly demon?

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Did Archangel Gabriel fall from grace? Someone recently told me that Gabriel hates humans and is jealous of us!
- Tarnia

I have read about archangels for some time and know a little about them, but one thing I can’t find information on is Archangel Gabriel’s (temporary) fall. I have read that Gabriel was, at one time, temporarily exiled from heaven for not executing one of God’s orders exactly. He was later readmitted and restored to his original position. What order did he fail to follow that got him temporarily expelled? What were the circumstances where he couldn’t/wouldn’t follow Gods orders completely?
- Daniel Cramer

I would like to know about Gabriel. Is he in bad grace with God?
- Rita Lester

No, Gabriel is not in God’s bad graces. God’s holy angels are now “confirmed in holiness,” to use the theological term, and do not sin or fall from grace. For more, read: Do angels rebel against God?


The idea that Gabriel temporarily fell from grace did not come from the Bible but from Hollywood. In “The Prophecy” movie trilogy of the 1990s, Gabriel (played by Christopher Walken) is portrayed as a villain who is jealous of humans for being God's favorites and wishes to destroy them all. In the second movie, he is banished to become a human and it causes him to change his opinion of them. After helping Danyael out in the third movie, he is granted a second chance as an angel and he ascends to heaven once again.

If Satan was the most beautiful angel, an angel of light, why is he always depicted as a horrible creature with horns? Wouldn't he be able to gather lost souls to his cause in his original form?
- ESept4

You are correct that it is easier for Satan to gather lost souls by masquerading as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan delights in having people looking for a devil with horns and a tail while he showcases temptations that look good and desirable. Perhaps it is Satan himself who is behind many of the depictions of himself as a horrible creature.

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