Who Is Metatron?

Never heard of the angel Metatron? Get to know the Archangel of the Presence.

BY: Rose Vanden Eynden


Metatron, the Archangel of the Presence, is as real and tangible as the chair you sit in as you read this. He is as close as the heart pumping blood within your chest and, if you choose, he can become as important to your everyday life as that very same circulatory system. If you are looking for a closer relationship with Creator, Metatron can facilitate it. He can, and will, become your closest angelic ally if you so desire it, and having an angel in your corner can benefit you in ways you may only think possible in dreams. Metatron can help with so many aspects of life, and he is only a peti-tion away. This book will show you how to get in touch with Metatron in order to become a better you.

If you study and work with angels, you begin to understand that each has certain areas of expertise. Some of the better-known Archangels are called upon for their help in and affinity for particular situations. Perhaps you are familiar with the four main Archangels in Western thought and their traditional strengths.

Metatron is no different; he is fully as powerful and helpful as the four Archangels with whom most of us are familiar. Working with him can especially help you in these ways:

  • balancing your masculine and feminine energies
  • balancing your material and spiritual pursuits
  • balancing karmic issues
  • bringing peace and understanding to your life issues related to past and current incarnations
  • promoting better and more fulfilling relationships between you, others, and Creator

Like all angels, Metatron is personable, loving, and interested in benefiting humanity in any way possible. As I began to work with Metatron’s energy, he impressed me with the following information, which I share with you with my own commentary:

  • Metatron is available to work with anyone on any type of issue or problem. Nothing is too big or too small for his scope of practice. The only requirement is your sincere desire to better yourself and to bring love and blessings to those whose lives you touch. Like all angels, Metatron asks nothing in return for his help and guidance but your own devotion to promoting love—which is, ultimately, God—in the Universe. That’s what angels are all about.

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