My story is not earth-shattering, but it was so special to me. I am dating a man that has been through a very painful experience for a few years. He has recently gotten back into the contemporary Christian music ministry and has been trying to get back on track. Very gifted, he has recorded in Nashville, but he still struggles with self-confidence and fear.

In May 2006, I attended one of my boyfriend’s concerts which was held outdoors. The stage was set up across the street from where other activities were located. People were listening to the music, but they were continuing to shop and eat, except for one little girl. I noticed her immediately and so did my boyfriend.

There was something very special about this little girl, who had the most precious smile. She never spoke, but just sat in front of my boyfriend for the entire concert.

On the way home, my boyfriend and I realized we had never seen the little girl arrive or leave. There was no one with her at the concert, even though she looked to be about 6 or 7 years old. Nobody had ever come to where she was and she had not been playing with other children.

Even though we still can't be certain, we both feel she was a messenger from God, an angel sent to encourage my boyfriend.  What I do know is that she was beautiful and precious, and she truly made our day special.

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