Did an Angel Wake Me Up?

A former caretaker shares an unforgettable experience that has remained in her memory for years.

Find Out:A long time ago, I worked as a hospice sitter. A gentleman I was assigned to was very near death. One day, the family, worn out and overcome by grief, wanted to get some rest. The daughter quietly asked me to come get them if or when I felt that the "end was here." I was young and really nervous about this--how was I to know exactly when he was going to pass away? I felt a tremendous amount of stress that I wouldn't notice in time and the family wouldn't see their loved one until it was too late.

They went to sleep and I was alone with this man. Suddenly, I got incredibly tired. Even though I had a full night's rest, I could not keep my eyes open. I dozed off, but next thing I knew, something touched my right cheek. It was like a very mild electric shock, but it didn't hurt. Embarrassed to be caught "sleeping on the job," I jolted awake, but no one was there. I looked over to my patient and just sensed he was going to die very soon. I went to summon the family. They all gathered around his bed, said their goodbyes, and he passed away within five minutes.

Was I touched by an angel?
--Christine Anderson


Thank you for sharing this experience. I will use this as a case study to help others who have wondered if they have been touched by an angel.

Your experience happened a long time ago. The fact that you sent this question indicates that this was one of those unforgettable moments in your life. You give several reasons why this has stayed in your memory:

  1. You were young and found yourself confronting the reality of someone’s death.
  2. A great deal of responsibility was placed on you to call the family when the end was near.
  3. You felt helpless because you didn't know when the man would be near death.
  4. Although you tried to stay awake, you felt guilty for falling asleep.

Wow! That’s a lot for a person to deal with when they are young.

If you had not awakened, and not called the family in time, this event probably would have been a troubling memory for the rest of your life. But thankfully your story had an unexpected happy ending; I believe you were touched by an angel.

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William D. Webber
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