Reprinted from 'Ask Your Guides' by Sonia Choquette, with permission of Hay House.

The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your self-awareness and self-esteem as children of God and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you. Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.

This is evident in my client Julie’s experience. This 37-year-old woman had just emerged from an acrimonious five-year divorce battle in which she lost her home and the custody of her two sons. No sooner had the ink dried on the divorce decree when she was dealt another devastating blow: Discovering a lump in her right breast, she was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer and given a bleak prognosis, with little chance for survival. Still reeling from the toll of her familial troubles, this was almost too much to bear. Pulling herself together, she immediately began aggressive treatment, including a double mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy—but not only did her treatment leave her broken and sick, it wiped out her will to live as well.

One night as Julie lay drained from nausea and grief, she decided that it wasn’t worth trying to live, and she gave up. She’d lost her body as she knew it, her boys, her home—even her identity as a wife and mother—and felt that there was nothing left. Despairing, all she wanted to do was die.

When she eventually fell asleep, she dreamed that she was surrounded by ten beautiful women of all ages, who were gently singing lullabies, combing her hair, and rubbing her feet and toes as if she were the most precious child on Earth. Starting to cry, she asked why they were being so good to her.
The eldest one smiled and said that they’d come to help her heal and begin to enjoy her life. Julie responded that she had nothing to live for and that she was a complete failure, but the woman simply smiled again and kept combing her hair and singing with the rest.

Allowing herself to enjoy their loving care, Julie began to relax on a profound level—deeper, in fact, than she’d ever felt in her life...and the next thing she knew, it was morning. It seemed as if all that remained of the dream was a warm sensation in her chest, yet there was something else. Remarkably, she felt peaceful and wanted very much to live. It was as if those women had lifted the weight of her grief.

Not looking back or feeling ashamed anymore, Julie dove into her healing with a vengeance. She changed her diet, joined a support group, got a therapist and a coach. Two years later, she was proclaimed cancer free, and that was seven years ago. "Those women worked a miracle on me," she told me.

"They were your healers," I answered, “and they did. They opened the door for you to love yourself, and that is what healed your body."

Your Turn

To invoke your healers to open your heart or mend your body, you must first find compassion and love for yourself and be willing to be healed. With your cooperation, they’ll know exactly what to do.

To invoke healers on another’s behalf, open your heart to theirs and send the same unconditional love and compassion to them. Don’t focus on the illness, since to do so would be like watering a weed to make it grow. Instead, focus on 100 percent wellness according to God’s plan.

In both cases, the next step is prayer, to which healer guides respond immediately. Myriad studies have confirmed that those who pray and are prayed for heal more fully and quickly than those without this aid.*

My favorite healing prayer is:

Divine Mother God, Father God, and all healing forces of the Universe, restore me to balance in body, mind, and spirit. Remove everything from my consciousness and body that isn’t in perfect alignment with your loving plan for me. I give my full permission and cooperation to all healing forces of Divine and loving nature to serve my well-being. Amen.

* Note: A study released in March 2006 refutes the belief that prayers can heal patients. For more features that delve into this study, please click here.

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