How to Celebrate Yourself

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Write Yourself a Love Letter

Pretend for a moment that you are your own greatest advocate and cheerleader. Now write a supportive and encouraging note to yourself as if you were cheering yourself on. Then pop it in an envelope and mail it to yourself. When you are traveling, send a postcard with an inspiring message to your home address. Right before shutting down your e-mail for the night, send yourself a note of appreciation so that you will see it first thing when you download your e-mail the next day. Develop the habit of applauding your own greatness in tangible ways.


How Self-Confident Are You?
Which of these descriptions reflects your level of self-confidence?
I follow my dreams and can tackle any situation.
I am shy but push myself to be outgoing and proactive
I lack confidence, but I'm working on it.
I hold myself back due to lack of confidence.
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