Freedom from Suffering

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Tapping into Love-Consciousness

letting go of suffering

Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings.  It is not a strange or ethereal experience but something very concrete and natural; you have probably experienced it before in moments of your life — maybe while spending time with a baby, a pet, expressing yourself creatively or watching the sunset. This experience is available to all of us at any time, only we have become so distracted by the world around us, we have lost sight of its presence within. Until we go back inwards, and reestablish our awareness in the unchanging fullness that has always been there, we will feel insecure, incomplete. The experience of love-consciousness becomes more apparent when we learn to live in the present moment.


Where Did You Learn Courage?
Growing up, how did you learn to be courageous?
I watched my parents and siblings and did what they did
My parents talked to me when I was scared and that helped me be brave
I planned what I would do in scary situations ahead of time
I followed the example of my favorite superheroes
People tried to help, but in the end I just had to face my fears on my own
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