'Live for Something Outside of Yourself'

Dr. Laura talks to Beliefnet about thriving in spite of a painful childhood, and why she suggests prayer over therapy.

Dr. Laura

Radio talk show host and best-selling author, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, known as

Dr. Laura

, has been giving advice and helping people with personal, work, and family problems for 30 years. Her new book, "Bad Childhood, Good Life," is geared toward those who harbor pain from an unhappy childhood and explains how anyone c




"conquer" the bad and lead a happy life.

Listen to Dr. Laura:
  • Why Religion Is Important
  • 'Conquering' a Bad Childhood
  • Living Outside of Yourself
  • Returning Christians to Their Faith

  • Why does a relationship with God help so many people work through their troubled pasts?


    First, I should say that I didn't go into writing this book with that notion in mind. I went into it wanting to find out what were the keys to people deciding to take the journey from a bad childhood to a good life, because a lot of people just stay in bad childhood mode their whole lives. So of the people who did take the journey to whatever degree of success, I would say at least 85 percent of them said, "a relationship with God." I was pretty surprised. I expected to hear [them say] therapy.

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    Interview by Dena Ross
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